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Among all personal care professions, makeup artistry is perhaps the one with the fewest dedicated resources for information on education and licensing. At the same time, makeup artists are subject to some of the more complex licensing laws.

This inspired us to create MakeupArtistEdu.org – the first-of-its-kind dedicated resource designed for aspiring makeup artisans that may be considering careers in the salon industry, film and TV production, the wedding and special events industry, as well as the theatrical and performing arts.

Working together with experienced cosmetics professionals, state licensing boards, and cosmetology schools offering makeup artist training, we here at MakeupArtistEdu.org have created a website designed to answer the questions all aspiring makeup artists have.

As professional makeup artists ourselves, the editorial staff here at MakeupArtistEdu.org not only have a knack for color and a passion for the perfect complexion, we also have an eye for detail that ensures the information we provide addresses the needs of aspiring makeup artists as well as our color palette and application techniques address the needs of our clients.

MakeupArtistEdu.org has the express goal of addressing questions related to career preparation and state licensing. The heart and soul of MakeupArtistEdu.org are the state licensing guides that detail training-hour and exam requirements as determined by each state’s Board of Cosmetology, as well as state-by-state salary analyses.

We’re confident that MakeupArtistEdu.org will be your go-to resource as you plan for an exciting career in makeup artistry.