Makeup Artist Salaries in Alabama

The success of Selma brought home the prominence of Alabama as a state for film and TV production—industries that are major employers of makeup artists. The state introduced film incentives in 2009, and 75 projects were filmed there in 2013 according to

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As showcased in the magazine Alabama Weddings, the state offers an array of striking venues for couples to have their special day. Makeup artists are often an integral part of the preparation of the bride and her bridesmaids, and the market value for Alabama’s wedding industry was $875 million in 2013 according to

Since many clients tip their makeup artists, their salaries can be as much as 25% higher than those reported in salary estimates.

Salaries of Makeup Artist Professionals in Alabama

The average salaries for makeup artist positions in Alabama are provided by This information is a summary of what advertised jobs have paid over the past year. As of January 2015, a makeup artist in Alabama started at $41,000 on average.

Location has a big effect on the salaries of Alabama’s makeup artists. For instance, those in Birmingham averaged $37,000. The average salaries were at least 7% higher than the state’s average in several other major cities in Alabama:

  • Montgomery – $45,000
  • Mobile – $44,000
  • Huntsville – $45,000

As makeup artists gain experience and become even better at their jobs, they are able to charge higher fees and earn a larger salary. Thus, makeup artists who have demonstrated their skill at transforming their customers command higher salaries than those just starting out.