Makeup Artist Salaries in Colorado

Weddings are big business in Colorado, particularly in the Denver area. In 2013, the market value of weddings in the state was $990 million according to Since makeup artists are a crucial component of many wedding preparations, a number of Colorado’s professionals take advantage of the wedding industry and specialize in making brides look stunning.

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Colorado’s film industry is experiencing a renaissance according to Colorado Public Radio. New incentives for filmmaking in the state have drawn such high profile films as The Lone Ranger and Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. The latter film will spend $15.7 million in Colorado in 2014 and 2015, mostly in Telluride. An additional $9.35 million is expected to be spent on things like lodging and food.

Since film production requires the skills of experienced makeup artists, this increase in Colorado’s motion picture industry should bring substantial opportunities for such professionals in the state.

Makeup Artist Salaries Throughout Colorado

The average salary for makeup artists in Colorado in 2013 was $25,997 according to the state’s Department of Labor and Employment. As with most professions, experienced practitioners earn much higher salaries than those who were new to the field.

Since many makeup artists work for clients such as brides who are likely to tip, their income should be higher than this figure suggests. Official salary statistics do not include tips.

Makeup artist salaries in 2015 were higher than this according to the job site It provides the average salary for advertised positions over the previous year. While the salaries for makeup artists in Colorado varied depending on their location, the average for the state as a whole in January 2015 was $36,000.

The average salary was slightly lower in several cities:

  • Fort Collins – $35,000
  • Colorado Springs – $32,000

In contrast, makeup artists made more on average in Denver and Aurora. The average salaries there were 8.3% higher than the average for Colorado and were $39,000.