Makeup Artist Salaries in Washington, DC

Washington, DC’s political elite provide a ready market for makeup artists to keep them looking their best. In addition to helping women and men look highly professional during their political and social events, many makeup artists help members of wedding parties look their best for these singular events.

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Despite the small size of the District of Columbia, the market value of weddings there was $71 million in 2013 according to

Another source of high-level jobs for makeup artists in DC is the district’s movie and TV industry. Washington’s singular historic landmarks make it an indispensable backdrop for many productions.

Hundreds of major films and TV programs have been shot in Washington, DC, according to its Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. Some high-profile ventures of 2014 included Madame Secretary, The Biggest Loser, and House of Cards.

A Closer Look at Makeup Artist Salaries in DC provides the average salary for makeup artist positions in the past year in the DC area. As of December 2014, the average makeup artist salary in Washington, DC was $51,000. This was 41.7% greater than the national average for this profession.

In addition to their base salary, many makeup artists work with individual clients who reward them for their stellar service with tips. This can add greatly to their level of take home pay.

Some makeup artists have expertise in additional areas such as skin care that can net them higher salaries. For instance, makeup artists in Washington, DC with a skin care specialty license earned 13.7% more than standard makeup artists. They averaged $58,000.