Makeup Artist Salaries in Indiana

Theatrical makeup artists have a range of opportunities in one of Indiana’s many theatre groups, since the performing arts are highly regarded in Indiana.

The government of Indianapolis has been working to up the profile of arts and culture in the city, and it boasts more than 8 theatres. With these theatres being located in areas ranging from the trendy Massachusetts Avenue cultural district to the historic Indiana Avenue district, makeup artists can find work throughout Indianapolis.

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Evansville has its high-level theatre productions thanks to the renowned University of Evansville theatre program. This program is so highly regarded that it has had the most honors at the Kennedy Center of any theatre institution in the country.

Other makeup artists find work in Indiana’s billion dollar wedding industry where they get to beautify brides and their bridal parties. These professionals generally receive tips of up to 25%, so their salaries are higher than those reported officially.

Range of Makeup Artist Salaries in Indiana

The median salary for a makeup artist in Indiana was $19,106 in 2013 according to the state’s Department of Workforce Development. In many places, experienced makeup artists earn substantially more than entry level ones. This is not the case in Indiana where makeup artists in the top salary bracket made 23.3% more than entry-level professionals in this field:

  • Experienced – $21,113
  • Entry-level – $17,123

Many high end makeup artists work as freelancers rather than having salaried positions, so a number of Indiana’s makeup artists make a higher salary than those reported here. This is particularly true for such professionals who work with performing artists. This area requires a great deal of skill, since the job can call for making an actress look like she is from another area or adding intense special effects.