Makeup Artist Salaries in Kansas

Makeup artists have opportunities in Kansas ranging from the wedding industry to film and fashion options in the Kansas City area. Always a bellwether for the Midwest, Kansas City is currently the fashion center of this area. Since the photo shoots and editorials of high fashion require makeup artists with a high level of expertise, this is a particularly lucrative area for these professionals in Kansas.

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The performing arts is another high-paying industry for makeup artists, and some notable films have been shot in Kansas. They include Paper Moon and the post-apocalyptic setting of The Day After in Lawrence. The TV industry is alive and well in Kansas City, and all of the major affiliates have stations there.

Other makeup artists find steady work in the wedding industry that had a $420 million market in Kansas in 2013 according to This type of work is likely to lead to tips for these makeup artists who consequently make substantially more than the designated salary figures for the state.

Salaries for Makeup Artists throughout Kansas

The median salary for a makeup artist in Kansas in 2013 was $20,070 according to the state’s Department of Labor (KDOL). Experienced makeup artists typically earn significantly more than those who are just starting out, since they are better able to provide exactly what their clients are asking for.

The starting salaries for makeup artists in Kansas were significantly higher than this in January 2015 according to This employment site analyzes the advertised salaries for positions over the course of the previous year and provides an average.

Makeup artist salaries were pretty similar throughout Kansas. The average for the state overall and for Topeka was $37,000. Salaries in Kansas City and Overland Park were slightly higher at $38,000, while the average starting salary in Wichita was $36,000.