Classes for Makeup Artist Jobs in Louisiana

Makeup artistry is not just for the red carpet anymore. The beauty and personal care industry is blossoming throughout the country, with makeup artists right in the thick of it. Makeup artists are being employed in a wide range of roles; from retail sales associates and cosmetics company reps, to more traditional roles for events like weddings. According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Louisiana is projected to see growth of nearly 15% in the number of jobs in the beauty and wellness industry between the years 2012 and 2022.

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The Louisiana Board of Cosmetology is responsible for licensing beauty professionals in the state, including makeup artists. As a makeup artist, you will be able to work as a sales associate for cosmetics companies, in salons and spas, as a freelance makeup artist, and with production or theater companies.

Complete your Education and Apply for a Makeup Application Permit

Louisiana is one of the few states in the country that separates makeup artists from cosmetologists and estheticians in the licensing process. In 2003, the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology created an application that sets up the following requirements for makeup artists in the state:

  • Submit a makeup permit application to the board
  • Submit a $25 application fee
  • Complete at least 40 hours of education with at least:
    • Two course hours concerning the composition of facial cosmetics
    • Two course hours study in the recognition of facial shapes
    • Two course hours in makeup cosmetics and purpose
    • Three course hours of study in makeup application
    • Three course hours of study in procedure for corrective makeup
    • One course hour studying safety and sanitation
    • One course hour of studying procedure for evening makeup
    • Two practical hours in recognizing facial shapes
    • 12 practical hours in makeup application
    • 10 practical hours in procedure for corrective makeup
    • Two practical hours in procedure for evening makeup

Your studies must be completed at a Board approved school, a list of which has been compiled by the Board.

Begin your Career as a Makeup Artist in Louisiana

There is a wide array of jobs you can pursue as a makeup artist in Louisiana, spanning from high-end production work, to a more relaxed suburban spa environment. New Orleans itself is home to 23 film production companies that could serve as the first step into the world of makeup artistry in entertainment. Some of these companies include:

  • AGE Entertainment
  • Big Easy Pictures, LLC
  • Louisiana Media Productions
  • RHB Productions

These companies work on all sorts of productions, including feature films, documentaries, television shows, and commercials. If you are interested in getting into the entertainment world, New Orleans could be the perfect place to get your start.

If the entertainment community doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of other career options that you could take as a makeup artist. There are places like the Celebrity Makeup Studio in Lake Charles that offer Hollywood quality makeup and beauty services and Paris Parker Salon and Spa that offer high quality makeup artistry for special occasions, such as weddings.

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