Makeup Artist Salaries in Massachusetts

Since the salaries for makeup artists who work in film and TV production tend to be much higher than average, the rise of the film industry in Massachusetts bodes well for these professionals.

Since Massachusetts enacted its film tax credit in 2007, the number of productions in the state has been steadily increasing. While nine major productions filmed in Massachusetts in 2012, that number rose to 23 in 2013. The success of American Hustle is testament to the rise of the film industry in Massachusetts.

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Film production in Massachusetts is moving to the next level with the opening of two major indoor production facilities. The opening of New England Studios in Devens and Mass Studios in Worcester should allow year round filming in the state and is expected to send the industry into high gear.

In fact, Nicholas Paleologos, the former head of the Massachusetts Film Office, was quoted in 2013 in the as saying that the state could become the hub for film and TV production in the Northeast.

Range of Makeup Artist Salaries in Massachusetts

Makeup artists in Massachusetts are exceptionally well paid and had the third highest salaries in the country in 2013 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported that the average salary for the 40 makeup artists who worked in Massachusetts that year was $60,480.

Since makeup artists such as those in salons frequently receive tips for their artistry, their level of take home pay should be even higher than this figure suggests.

Experience counts for a great deal in the makeup artist field, and professionals in Massachusetts who were experienced at applying makeup earned 4.2 times as much as those just starting out:

  • Experienced – $81,080
  • Entry-level – $19,300

The average starting salary for makeup artist positions in the previous year are available from the site Makeup artist positions advertised in the year leading up to January 2015 averaged $49,000 a year in Massachusetts. Jobs in Boston and Lowell started at $51,000, while Springfield makeup artists started at the state’s average. Positions in Worcester started at $44,000.