Makeup Artist Salaries in Montana

Fledgling makeup artists searching for increased job opportunities should consider developing a career in beautiful Montana. According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, workers employed in personal care and service occupations, such as makeup artists, can expect to see approximately 600 new job openings annually through 2022.

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Local employers that recently advertised for makeup artist-related jobs in Montana include:

  • Interactions Marketing
  • Big Orange Productions
  • Ulta Salon
  • Avon Sales
  • Lancôme
  • Sephora

Just like estheticians and cosmetologists, customers routinely reward makeup artists with monetary tips.

This additional gratuity actually constitutes a significant portion of their occupational income. However, since government wage reports do not include client tips, all pay statistics should be viewed as base or starting amounts as opposed to total compensation amounts.

Average Wage and Salary Range for Makeup Artists in Montana

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry categorizes makeup artists as a personal care and service occupation.

Wage Range – In 2011, the state employed over 13,500 workers within this occupational group. In that year, personal care and service workers, including makeup artists, earned a low-end average wage of $9.80/hr. An average median wage was $11.27/hr. and an average high-end was $14.01/hr.

Salary Range – Full time makeup artists frequently receive annual salaries instead of hourly wage rates. In 2011, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry reported that personal care and service workers, including makeup artists, earned an average salary of $24,720/yr. and a median salary of $23,430.

However, according to current salary aggregator sites, more specifically, makeup artists earn an average salary of $34,000/yr., which is much higher than other general personal care and service workers in Montana.