Classes for Makeup Artist Jobs in North Dakota

From beauty boutiques in Bismarck to cosmetics retailers in Mandan, North Dakota offers many opportunities where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your artistic talents and dazzle your clients as a makeup artist. With skill and determination, you could even be the next dressing room director upcoming films to be shot in the state.

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As a makeup artist in North Dakota you will be a part of an exciting field that continues to see growth. Working as a freelance makeup artist offers a particularly high degree of flexibility along with an income that will allow you to work comfortably as an independent professional or as part of a larger cosmetology team.

If your career goals involve strictly makeup artistry North Dakota does not require you to obtain a license. If you want to offer additional services beyond makeup then you will need to become licensed by the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology.

Becoming a Makeup Artist in North Dakota

The services you provide as a makeup artist determine whether or not you will need to become licensed by the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology. According to the state law governing the field of cosmetics, if you intend to provide skin care for your clients you will need to obtain an esthetician license. Skin care is defined as the removing of hair, beautifying, or other similar work done on a person’s body, through the use of any of the following:

  • Antiseptics
  • Cosmetic preparations
  • Tonics
  • Creams and lotions
  • Massaging
  • Cleansing
  • Stimulating or manipulating
  • Waxing

Aside from skin care, as long as you are focused on makeup exclusively you can practice as a makeup artist in North Dakota without an esthetician license. The state’s law specifically exempts you from needing an esthetician license if you are a professional makeup artist who has been trained in the application of facial makeup by a cosmetics company or through a makeup artist school.

North Dakota Esthetician License

If you conclude that based on the services you want to provide you will need an esthetician license, you will need to complete a licensing process through the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology. This involves completing at least 600 hours of esthetician classes, followed by three exams:

  • Written esthetician exam
  • Practical esthetician exam
  • North Dakota state law exam

Even if you find that an esthetician license is not required, having one can prove to be helpful. For one thing, during the process of earning an esthetician license you will receive instruction on makeup and related topics:

  • Sterilization, safety, and sanitation
  • Facial treatments
  • Makeup application techniques

You will also have more options in terms of what services you can provide if you have an esthetician license. However, if you are certain that you want to focus completely on makeup then there is no need to earn an esthetician license. You can always decide to do this at a later time as well.

Career Opportunities as a Makeup Artist in North Dakota

Makeup artists are often find jobs in the motion picture and video industries. A high percentage of makeup artists also find jobs with:

  • Beauty parlors and salons
  • Performing arts companies
  • Television broadcasting companies

Film Production in North Dakota

North Dakota’s film industry was firmly established in 1996 with the movie Fargo. The state was in the movie headlines again in the year 2000 with the release of Wooly Boys, filmed almost entirely in the Badlands. Recently North Dakota’s cinema field has been reinvigorated with the announcement of the filming of a new mini-series about the life of Teddy Roosevelt. Princebury Productions and Media, the company behind this latest film initiative, has also recently announced plans to expand North Dakota’s movie industry and shoot additional series.

As a makeup artist in North Dakota, working on a movie set is a great way to expand your experiences and portfolio. You can also use this opportunity as a stepping stone to qualify for makeup jobs in Hollywood, or to simply just establish yourself as the go-to person for movie makeup in the multi-state region.

Top Makeup Salons and Cosmetics Companies in North Dakota

It goes without saying that as a makeup artist, some of the best places you can search for employment are with beauty salons and cosmetic companies. Attractive employers in North Dakota include:

  • Urban Decay Cosmetics in Fargo, part of the L’Oréal group
  • Avon Sales in Bismarck
  • Faces by Laura in Grand Forks
  • Chelsa Alene Salon in Fargo
  • Olivieri’s Beauty Salon in Fargo
  • Bombshell Salon in Bismarck

If you go the route of working in a salon you also have the option of applying for a Booth License from the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology. This will allow you to independently rent a space in an existing salon, see your own clients, and set your own prices.

Media Production Studios in North Dakota

Makeup artists are a key component for TV commercial production studios, weather forecasters, and news anchors to name just a few of the broadcast professionals in North Dakota. Some of the largest studios in the state include:

  • KBME, KFYR, KBMY, and KXMB in Bismarck
  • WDAY, KVLY, KFME, and KVRR in Fargo
  • KGFE, WDAZ, KBRR, and KCPM in Grand Forks
  • KSRE, KMOT, KXMC, and KMCY in Minot

Theatre and Dance Companies in North Dakota

As a makeup artist you may find your calling to be in the field of arts. North Dakota’s makeup artists are often the ones to put the finishing touches on artists who are about to perform at places like the Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks and the Fargo Theatre. You may be interested in working with groups such as:

  • Tin Roof Theatre Company based out of Fargo
  • Greater Grand Forks Community Theatre
  • Northern Plains Dance in Bismarck
  • Fargo-Moorehead Ballet
  • North Dakota Ballet Company in Grand Forks

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