Classes for Makeup Artist Jobs in Ohio

Ohio has produced some very notable makeup artists and offers careers in this field that rank among the nation’s best. As a makeup artist, you will have the flexibility to pursue your artistic dreams while earning an attractive salary working as an independent artist.

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Ohio supports its makeup artists by providing varied and exciting opportunities for professionals in this field, including:

  • Ohio makeup artists like Olivia Moore have international renown, being featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, European publications, and more than half-a-dozen national US magazines
  • Makeup artists have played essential roles in major TV and film productions in Ohio like the Drew Carey Show and a film in the Captain America series
  • Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Center is the second largest performing arts center in the nation
  • Cleveland’s Fashion Week is one of North America’s only internationally-recognized fashion events

Whether you work in Columbus’ trendy German Village or North Market District, or Cincinnati ‘s Mount Adams, in Ohio you will need to become licensed to administer makeup as a paid professional. However, as there is no license specifically for makeup artists, you will need to choose between becoming licensed as a cosmetologist or becoming licensed as an esthetician. Each of these different licenses will allow you to work as a makeup artist.

How to Become Licensed to Work as a Makeup Artist in Ohio

Both a cosmetology license and an esthetician license will allow you to work as a makeup artist in Ohio. Both of these licenses are granted by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, and each has its own requirements.

Makeup Artist Education

You will study the same makeup artist education whether you pursue an esthetician or cosmetology license. The difference between these two classes of professional licensure is that a cosmetologist can practice in all fields of cosmetology including esthetics, while an esthetician can only practice in the field of esthetics. Your classes about makeup artistry will cover topics like:

  • Makeup equipment, implements, and products
  • Contouring and color coordination
  • Corrective makeup
  • Eye makeup

In Ohio you must obtain your cosmetology or esthetician education from an approved school. There are a total of 85 private plus an additional 88 career and technical approved schools throughout Ohio, including:

  • 11 in Cincinnati
  • 9 in Columbus
  • 6 in Cleveland
  • 5 in Toledo
  • 3 in Dayton
  • 3 in Canton
  • 3 in Springfield
  • 2 in Akron
  • 1 in Youngstown

Esthetician License

  • 600 hours of classes, including 95 hours that are specific to makeup
  • Esthetician written exam
  • Esthetician practical exam

In addition to makeup artistry, estheticians can also offer services like:

  • Application of tonics
  • Application of creams and lotions
  • Skin beautification services
  • Manual, electrical, or mechanical massage techniques to prepare skin for beautification

Cosmetology License

  • 1500 hours of classes
  • Cosmetology practical exam
  • Cosmetology written exam

In addition to makeup artistry, cosmetologists can also offer services such as:

  • Hair design
  • Esthetics
  • Natural hair styling
  • Manicuring and pedicuring

Makeup Artist Jobs and Career Opportunities in Ohio

As a makeup artist in Ohio you’ll be able to work as a contracted or conventional employee in one of a number of key areas related to the beauty industry, as well as performing arts, entertainment and film production.

Theatre and the Performing Arts

Theatre and performance companies are among the top-three employers for makeup artists in Ohio. If you enjoy using your talents to augment performing artists then you may be interested in pursuing a job with one of the following organizations:

  • Actors’ Theatre of Columbus
  • BalletMet Columbus
  • The Columbus Youth Ballet Academy
  • Cleveland Play House
  • Opera Cleveland
  • Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati
  • The Performance Gallery in Cincinnati
  • Toledo Opera

Film Production Studios in Ohio

Ohio’s film tradition has been long established ever since The Silence of the Lambs was filmed here in 1991. Columbus residents will remember the filming of the Academy Award winner Traffic in 2000. More recently, Scarlett Johansson was in Ohio as she filmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

If you want to work on the next Academy Award winning production then you can inquire about employment with any of the several movie production studios that call Ohio home:

  • Monkey Productions in Cincinnati
  • GC Films in Columbus
  • JYSProductions in Cincinnati

Ohio’s Established and Up-and-Coming Makeup Salons and Studios

Makeup salons and beauty parlors are among the top-three largest employer of makeup artists. Once you have established a strong reputation for yourself you may find your dream job at one of Ohio’s trendiest salons. Some recognizable names include:

  • Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas in Columbus
  • Absolutely Posh Salon in North Olmsted
  • Fringe and Foundation Studio in Westlake
  • Ramona Dauksa Studio in Cleveland
  • A Beau Monde Salon in Amherst
  • ALBA Beauty Studio in Cincinnati

Television Broadcasting Studios

NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS are just a few of Ohio’s locally-sourced television broadcasting companies that each employs makeup artists to ensure TV personalities look their best. Some of Ohio’s better-known television programs include:

  • The Drew Carey Show set in Cleveland
  • The Mike Douglas Show which began in Cleveland
  • WEWS-TV’s The Morning Exchange – based in Cleveland and the model for Good Morning America
  • CET in Cincinnati – the oldest licensed public television station in the nation

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