Makeup Artist Salaries in Utah

Makeup artists do not need a license in Utah; however, they must receive training at a licensed cosmetology school or community college makeup program. There are at least eight state-approved beauty schools in Utah. The curriculum includes courses like:

  • Fundamental makeup application
  • Bridal makeup
  • Photo shoot makeup
  • Film and TV makeup
  • Fashion industry makeup
  • Professionalism

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Makeup Artist Salaries in Utah

Many personal appearance makeup artists work in the retail industry. They are found in cosmetics stores, department stores, bridal boutiques, etc. A survey of makeup artist jobs in Utah’s retail industry indicates an average hourly wage of $14.00 – nearly twice the minimum wage.

Salaries differ depending on geographic location. In general, metropolitan area salaries are higher than those in smaller cities or rural areas. An aggregate of advertised makeup artist jobs indicates differences in average annual salaries in the following Utah cities:

  • Salt Lake City – $37,000
  • Provo – $33,000
  • Sandy – $33,000
  • Ogden – $31,000
  • George – $27,000

Salary figures don’t include gratuity, which is a key contributor to a makeup artist’s pay. Tips can add as much as 25% to the income makeup artists earn.

National Salaries of Makeup Artists

Theatrical makeup artists generally earn higher salaries than personal appearance makeup artists. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nationwide salaries of these two types of makeup artists are as follows:

Annual Salaries

Mean Annual Salary
50th Percentile (Median)
75th Percentile
90th Percentile Salary

Hourly Wages

Mean Hourly Wage
50th Percentile (Median)
75th Percentile
90th Percentile Wage

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