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The consistent growth in the number of beauty industry jobs throughout the United States has marked a significant uptick in the career opportunities for makeup artists. According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, the number of jobs in the beauty industry, including makeup artistry, will see an increase of around 8.32% between 2012 and 2022. This means 543 new jobs will be created in Wisconsin’s beauty industry every year during that time period!

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If you are interested in pursuing a career as a makeup artist in Wisconsin, there are a variety of different avenues that you can explore. Other than careers in spas and salons, you can also work on film sets, theatrical productions, as a cosmetic retailer, or as a freelance artist providing your services for events like weddings.

Meeting the Education Requirements to Become a Makeup Artist

The Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board licenses makeup artists as cosmetologists and aestheticians, both of which require formal training in makeup application techniques:

  • If you are working towards an aesthetician license, you must complete a program through a makeup artist school or general cosmetology school that consists of at least 450 training hours, lasting at least 11 weeks and no more than 30 weeks.
  • If you are earning a cosmetology license you must either complete at least 1,550 hours of training through a makeup artist school or general cosmetology school lasting at least 10 months, or you may complete an apprenticeship that consists of at least 3,712 hours of practical training and 288 hours of theoretical cosmetology.

In addition to completing your training, you must be at least 18 years old and have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalency certificate before you can take your licensure examination. The Pearson Vue Company proctors the licensure exams for aestheticians and cosmetologists:

Aesthetician Exam

The aesthetics exam breaks down into the following components:

  • Practical Exam
    • Infection Control & Safety
    • Facials
    • Skin Analysis
    • Manipulation
    • Masque
    • Hair Removal
    • Makeup Application
  • Theoretical Exam
    • Rules, Regulations, and Safety – 30% to 40% of exam
    • Esthetic Science and Skin Analysis – 15% to 20% of exam
    • Facials – 20% to 25% of exam
    • Hair Removal – 16% to 20% of exam
    • Makeup – 10% to 15% of exam
    • Electricity and Electrotherapy – 5% to 10% of exam
    • Wisconsin State Laws and Regulations – 10 questions

Cosmetology Exam

The cosmetology exam consists of the following parts:

  • Practical Exam
    • Infection Control & Safety
    • Hair Cutting
    • Hair Styling
    • Hair coloring/Bleaching/Highlighting
    • Chemical Relaxing
    • Permanent Waving
    • Skin Care/ Esthetics
    • Manicure
    • Makeup Application
  • Theoretical Exam
    • Rules, Regulations, and Safety – 25% to 35% of exam
    • Trichology – 4% to 10% of exam
    • Shampoo/Scalp Analysis – 4% to 8% of exam
    • Styling – 4% to 10% of exam
    • Haircutting – 8% to 12% of exam
    • Hair Color, Bleaching/Lightening, and Tinting – 13% to 17% of exam
    • Permanent Waving – 13% to 17% of exam
    • Chemical Straightening and Relaxing – 13% to 17% of exam
    • Esthetics (including makeup application) – 4% to 8% of exam
    • Nails – 4% to 8% of exam
    • Wisconsin State Laws and Regulations – 15 questions

Beginning Your Career as a Makeup Artist in Wisconsin

As a makeup artist in Wisconsin, you will have the opportunity to work in any facet of the field that you desire. If you are interested in working in the film industry, there are commercial, corporate, and motion picture production companies in the state that support makeup artist jobs, including:

  • Creative Edge Productions – Green Bay, WI
  • Spot Filmworks, LTD – Madison, WI
  • 3 Ton Group – Milwaukee, WI
  • Storyfirst Media LLC – Madison, WI

In addition to these production companies, there are also local broadcasting channels that require the services of a makeup artist. If you are more interested in live production makeup, you can find work with one of the many theatres or theatre companies that are scattered throughout Wisconsin. There are brand new theatres, such as the Forward Theater Co., founded in 2009, as well as established, storied theatres like the Fireside Dinner Theatre and the Milwaukee Repertory Theater that require makeup artists for each one of their productions.

There are many excellent salons and spas in Wisconsin that offer makeup application as a service, such as:

  • The Establishment – Milwaukee
  • ANiU Salon and Spa – Middleton
  • Salon CTI – Appleton
  • RZ & Company – Madison

If absolute independence is your goal, you can work as a freelance makeup artist. Many freelance makeup artists direct their services in a more personal vein, offering makeup application for brides, bridal parties, and special photography sessions. However, freelance artists are not confined to this method of work. You can experiment with all avenues of makeup artistry on a freelance basis, moving from movie set to bridal party in no time at all.

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