Male Makeup Artists Rock Social Media



While men transforming themselves with makeup is nothing new in the rock world – think David Bowie or the New York Dolls – social media provides a new medium for men with artistic flair to showcase their adventurous looks.

You know that a trend is approaching the mainstream when the New York Times covers it.   A recent article celebrated the rising class of new male makeup artists—men who got their start on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Fresh and funky, these men transform themselves for all the world to see. Skelotim (Tim Owens in real life) adorns himself with bold colors on “Fat Bitch Friday” each week on Instagram. Only after displaying his latest look does this bald, stubbled man reveal the source of his new incarnation—snack food such as Cheetos or Oreos.

YouTube star Patrick Starr (with 1.7 million subscribers) “films elaborate makeup tutorials” and then frolics in exotic places—posting pictures on Instagram the whole time.   While Instagram’s Angel Merino (1.2 million followers) has an established career as a celebrity makeup artist, he adorns himself displaying glam, high-gloss looks.

The cosmetics industry caught onto the glamour of these men and wants in. In fact, CoverGirl just named its first cover boy. Seventeen-year old James Charles from New York State became the new icon. Charles comes to the table with 724,000 Instagram followers.

Competitor Maybelline got into the fray with Manny Gutierrez, a beauty star on Instagram and YouTube known as Manny Mua. This rising star made the remarkable transformation from Mormon Boy to a made up man. People magazine celebrated his rise to stardom by recently naming him to its annual shortlist of “Ones to Watch.”

The sky appears to be the limit for male makeup artists, and watching the beauty industry celebrate their talents should be a great deal of fun.

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