Allure’s Foundation Tips From Leading Makeup Artists



We’ve all seen people with streaky skin who applied too much foundation. To avoid this and make you and your clients look stunning, Allure collected tips for foundation use from leading makeup artists:

Don’t use too much foundation

Azra Red – Use foundation primarily on spots that need more foundation—such as around the eyes and nose. After that, blend by dabbing with a Beautyblender.

Emahn Ospina – Apply five dots of foundation—one each on your neck, chin, forehead, and cheeks. Then distribute it outward using a foundation brush in circular motions.

Molly R. Stern – Use foundation only on the parts of the face that need to be evened out. This sparing use will leave some areas bare and result in a more natural finish.

Use oil and water

Matin – Use a face oil before your prime the skin and then add foundation. This should result in “a glow-y look.”

Rebecca Restrepo – Mix the foundation with water immediately before using it. This makes your skin look even more radiant and adds moisture without excess oil.

Michael Anthony – Spray a mist onto the flat side of a damp Beautyblender after you have applied the foundation. Then press it into your skin. This will diffuse the look of the makeup and result in a very natural, hydrated complexion.

Fabiola – In the winter when your skin is really dry, add foundation to the moisturizer to give a lighter application. Add a small amount of a superlight face oil to your foundation to get coverage and hydrate your skin.

Rethink Touch-ups

Min Min Ma – Use blotting papers to touch-up your skin during the day. This will help you avoid looking like you have too much makeup on.

Aidan Keogh – Try using a spritz of toner to freshen up your makeup throughout the day. This makes the foundation look fresh and leaves your skin feeling glowing, fresh, and hydrated.

Suzy Gerstein – Use blotting papers or leave the shine on the apples of your cheeks and done the center of your nose so your skin still looks like actual skin.

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