Makeup Artist Salaries in Florida

Florida’s natural beauty has long made it home to several industries that employ a large number of makeup artists. In fact, Florida was home to the third highest number of makeup artists in the country in 2013, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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The state’s film and TV industry goes back to the early 1900s in Jacksonville, and the state is currently a powerhouse for both English and Spanish language productions. Also, Florida is a major player in the destination wedding industry drawing people from around the US and the world. From the Florida Keys to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, the state offers a variety of options for both weddings and subsequent honeymoons.

The Effect of Experience on Makeup Artist Salaries in Florida

The salaries of makeup artists in Florida vary tremendously, since those in the motion picture industry generally make much higher salaries than their colleagues who work with individual clients. Part of the reason for this is the high level of experience required to create the variety of looks that actors need for their roles.

The average salary of a Florida makeup artist in 2013 was $37,877 according to the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity. Experienced makeup artists in Florida earned more than twice as much as those were new to the profession. Those with experience averaged $46,925 a year, while entry-level makeup artists earned $19,802 on average.

These salary figures may underestimate the take home pay for makeup artists, since many types of clients will tip them. Such official figures do not include tips.

Makeup Artists in Miami

Makeup artist salaries in the Miami area are particularly high according to the BLS. The average salary there was $46,690 in 2013. This is mostly due to the high salaries that experienced makeup artists earned in this metropolitan area. Those in the top tier of their profession earned an average of $91,010.

The BLS provides a detailed analysis on the salaries of makeup artists in the Miami area:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach FL