Makeup Artist Salaries in New Hampshire

The state government predicts an optimistic occupational outlook for makeup artists pursuing careers in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Employment Security Department reports that in there were an estimated 428 personal care and service workers, including makeup artists, employed statewide in 2012. By 2022, these workers are projected to number roughly 480.

During this long-term projection period, personal care and service workers, like makeup artists, will experience an employment growth of 12.1%. This occupational trend is expected to create approximately 17 new job openings annually through 2022.

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Average Hourly Wages and Annual Salaries

Hourly Wages – In June 2014, the New Hampshire Employment Security Department reported that personal care and service workers, such as makeup artists, that hold entry-level positions typically earned an average wage of $8.18/hr.

In addition, the average mean wage for these professionals was $11.17/hr. and the median average wage is a slightly lower figure of $10.27/hr. in that same year. On the other hand, employers frequently awarded more experienced workers with higher wage offers. In June 2014, workers with more extensive work histories received a greater average wage of $12.67/hr.

Annual Salaries – The New Hampshire Employment Security Department does not provide salary data for makeup artists. However, according to current salary aggregator sites, makeup artists employed in New Hampshire are earning an average salary of $40,000/yr.

State and federal government pay reports do not currently incorporate customer gratuity within their occupational income calculations. As a result of tips, makeup artists frequently earn much higher take-home pay than government surveys reflect.