Makeup Artist Salaries in Oklahoma

The career of makeup artist covers a wide area of functions from working in a salon or department store cosmetics counter to doing elaborate makeup for stage, screen and television. As a result, the income of makeup artists has wide variations.

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Graduating from an accredited school is considered a minimum requirement. There are five make-up artist schools in Oklahoma that prepare students for a career in makeup artistry.

Depending upon personal career goals, many people that are interested in this career opt to complete the 1,500 hours of beauty school necessary to qualify to take the state test for a cosmetologist license.

Makeup Artist Salaries in Oklahoma

According to the state Employment Security Commission’s Oklahoma Wage Network, the salaries of makeup artists (included under Personal Care and Service Workers) are as follows:

Annual Salary
50th Percentile (Median)
75th Percentile
90th Percentile

Makeup artist salaries are usually 15 to 20 percent higher than listed because of tipping and gratuities.