Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Gives Summertime Beauty Advice



Beyoncé is, without a doubt, one the most recognized performers in the entire world. The envy of men and women alike, she is perhaps just as famous for her stunning beauty as she is for her musical talent. Yet, just like any celebrity, she relies on a trusted team of stylists, designers, and makeup artists to keep her visually flawless at all times.

Makeup artist and L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Sir John Barnett is one of the elite members of Beyoncé’s beauty battalion. Recently Barnett worked with the global superstar to create lasting makeup looks for her new album “Lemonade,” the Met Gala event, and her World Formation Tour.

In a May 2016 interview with the Los Angles Times Barnett offered up coveted makeup tips for the upcoming summer season:

  • Ditch the impulse to look perfect. The popularity of over-the-top makeup effects is fading. Industry trends are leaning towards an aesthetic attitude that evokes a more natural, raw image.
  • Buy makeup that you won’t run when you sweat. Use cream foundations, blushes, and eye shadows. Then apply powder-based products to secure them into place. And, of course, opt for waterproof mascara.
  • Less is more. Go easy on the foundation and substitute it with spot concealer whenever possible. Tan skin looks good on everyone and doesn’t require heavy foundation.
  • Take proper care of your skin. Get a killer moisturizer. Drink lots of water to improve hydration. Maintain an anti-inflammatory diet. Increase the amount of antioxidants you intake. Promote skin cell rejuvenation.
  • For a glowing complexion skip products with shimmery or sparkly characteristics. Instead, grab a cream highlighter to produce a fresher look.

After divulging these hot tips, Barnett ended the interview by advising makeup artist students to develop a unique approach to their creative process by looking for inspiration in the art they encounter in everyday life.