Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Gives Red-Carpet-Worthy Beauty Tips

Rachel Godwin, Makeup Artist to the stars – most notably America’s sweetheart, Emma Stone – has arguably one of the best jobs in the world.   When it comes to the glitz and glamour of a major red carpet event, such as the Oscars, Godwin gets to parade between movie stars, designer dresses, and fellow Makeup Artists and Hairstylists. It should come as no surprise, however, that she knows all the secrets to looking red-carpet-ready.

Godwin says that most red carpet figures start their special pampering routine with a facial. It’s something anyone can do, but Godwin recommends to wait at least 30 minutes before makeup application, so the skin has time to absorb it properly. After the skin is prepped, the foundation application follows. She said that most foundation is mixed with rosewater to reduce the appearance of makeup on the skin, especially under bright lights and flash photography.

Fake eyelashes are an obligatory accessory for any flawless red carpet look at this point, especially when combined with a bold lipstick. Because flash photography tends to wash out features, Godwin said that a bit of contouring is also needed, but warned that it should not be done with a heavy hand, otherwise looks unnatural in real life.

As for Emma Stone’s amazing look at the SAG Awards, Godwin shared the details on social media. Given that she’s a Makeup Artist for Chanel, their products were used to achieve Emma’s perfect complexion. Her lip color was the result of a bit of pencil work with a Chanel lip pencil in Rouge Profund and a drugstore product, Revlon HD in the shade Gladiolus.

The elegant, understated look of her skin and eye makeup allowed her lip color to steal the attention, which is a very modern twist on an otherwise classic makeup look.