Legendary Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Items Sold at Auction



It is no secret that creating special effects for feature films is one of the most lucrative areas a makeup artist can work in. High-end makeup artists create their own works of art for some of Hollywood’s most popular movies.

One such artist is Gordon Smith, the owner of the Canadian company FXSmith. As an industry legend, he is known for having created the Prosthetic Deadener. His team of makeup artists has literally transformed actors both by creating prosthetics products and incorporating them into their special effects makeup.

Their work has ranged from transforming actors to look like such famous politicians as Richard Nixon, Harry S. Truman, and John F. Kennedy to turning other actors into comic book heroes. This company is best known for its work bringing the X-Men mutants to life.

A number of these special make-up effects creations went on the market in March 2015. Famed collector of the bizarre, William Jamieson, died of a heart attack in 2011 and his estate put a number of items from his special effects collection up for auction.

The Waddington Auction House of Toronto Canada offered the public the chance to own one-of-a-kind special effects items including a number of items from the X-Men films. Highlights included a life-size figure of Mystique and a stunt double bust of Hugh Jackman’s character Wolverine. Even Wolverine’s blades were up for sale. Items from other films included Total Recall 2070 exposed brain prosthetics and baldhead wounds along with items from Legends of the Fall, Nixon, Platoon, JFK, and Jacob’s Ladder.

The fact that Waddington’s made these items available is a testament to the high quality of this work by Canada’s top makeup artist. Normally this famed auction house offers fine art and collectibles.