Makeup Artist Turns Passion into YouTube Sensation



Louisiana native Missy Lynn took her love of makeup and harnessed it into a YouTube following of over 350,000 subscribers. Missy Lynn’s passion with beauty began at the age of three when she began playing with her grandmother’s makeup.

By the time she became school aged, she was using her makeup skills to help the kids that were not as fortunate as her by giving them makeovers at her house. She realized that she was making a positive impact on the lives of the kids she helped and decided to carry that mission throughout her life.

In high school, Missy Lynn became a fashion and beauty icon of sorts with young girls clamoring for her to help them with their makeup. She graduated from high school one year early and joined the U.S. Air Force, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her first love – makeup.

Missy Lynn used her skills to do the makeup of friends, military wives and kids of service members on base. She then parlayed that into a job as a Freelance Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Missy Lynn took a brief reprieve from her makeup business in 2008 during a six-month deployment to Iraq. During the deployment she learned of the shooting death of her brother, which caused a deep depression. To cope with her loss she began watching YouTube videos of women giving makeup lessons and reviews and had the idea to create her own videos.

At first the videos were a way to work through the pain of losing her brother, but by 2011 her subscribership had climbed to 20,000, showing her that this could be much more than just therapy. She is still an active-duty member of the Air Force and wants women to know “you can keep your femininity while serving the country in the military.”

In 2013 she was named the Beauty Blogger of the year as well as winning the NYX FACE AWARD, and her fan base continues to grow.