Michele Obama’s Makeup Artist Makes the Move to Washington, DC



Nobody is more focused on looking their best than the nation’s highest ranking politicians. They come under constant scrutiny not just from news networks and gossip magazines but also from visiting heads of state and ambassadors. A single fashion faux pas can not only ruin someone’s political aspirations, and can inadvertently put a damper on important international relations.

It is no surprise then that First Lady Michelle Obama has a little extra help in the morning when putting her face together. Her makeup artist, Carl Ray, is a staple of the D.C. community, having worked out of a Georgetown salon for the past 16 years. Ray is one of the most capable and talented makeup artists in the business, looking after everyone from representatives like Nancy Pelosi and stateswoman Madeleine Albright too celebrity Natalie Portman or news anchor Chris Matthews.

So it was more than a little shocking when Carl Ray announced earlier this month that he would be leaving his salon at the Four Seasons in Georgetown and moving into downtown D.C. to One80 salon, just a few blocks away from the White House.

Ray’s move was about more than just moving closer to his most famous client. Ray has stated that he believes there is a new energy and vibrancy to the beauty and fashion scene in downtown Washington, and moving is his first steps to being a part of that new scene.

Ray is not the only one moving, with Obama’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright, having moved himself to Immortal Beloved, a salon also located in downtown D.C. What remains to be seen for the Washington beauty community is whether or not Ray’s host of star clients are willing to make the move with him or will choose to stay faithful to their Georgetown salon roots.

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