California Makeup Supplier Fills Gallery With Body Art



Makeup suppliers will often hold exhibitions designed to show off their products and market them to artists. European Body Art (EBA), a supplier based out of Costa Mesa, California, has taken it to the next level. Rather than just featuring their product at conventions, the EBA has opened an art gallery right out of its main facility in Costa Mesa.

The space opened at the end of last month with a huge celebration featuring professional makeup artists from across the industry. More importantly, it also featured students. Local makeup schools Make-up Designory and Cinema Makeup School sent recent graduates and students to show off their developing skills.

The gallery is one part of a larger expansion to the EBA facility. The space they moved into was previously owned by a fencing distributor until that company left the space in 2014. EBA changed the facility into a site where they could develop and manufacture products as well as see to the administrative functions of their company. However, they took the time to add a full showroom so that they could showcase their new products and celebrate the makeup artist community.

“I wanted this evening to be friends and business partners getting together,” said Jaro Turek, one of the companies owners, “ We forget to look back and assess what brought us to this point and look at the people who are part of it.

It would be hard to forget the good people of makeup artist community after the display they put on at the EBA event. The evening included a female version of the character Drax from the Disney/Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, and an artistic piece called Joshua Tree that featured a still woman rendered abstractly as a tree. EBA’s new showroom will hopefully be able to continue featuring fantastic creative displays for years to come.

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