The Academy Diversifies by Adding 10 Makeup Artists to Its Ranks



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is largely considered to be the most prestigious organization in the world of film today. Their annual award ceremony, The Oscars, attracts millions of viewers every year and is responsible for jump-starting the career of many a young actor or actress by honoring their accomplishments with awards and nominations. Makeup artists are no exception, with the best and most creative receiving nominations and awards for the often insanely intricate makeup and hairstyling in films.

So then, it is no surprise that this year, as the academy has sought to diversify its membership in response to criticism over a lack of diversity in the 2015 acting nominees, 10 make-up artists and hairstylists have been invited to join alongside another 322 artists and executives from across the industry.

Their inclusion in the Academy is not only an individual honor, but a recognition of makeup’s importance in bringing a production teams vision to life. This last years Oscar winner, Frances Hannon of the Grand Budapest Hotel and The King’s Speech, is among the 10 artists invited to join the Academy. David White and Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou, crafters of the phenomenal aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dennis Liddiard, the man who transformed Steve Carrel into the terrifying lead of Foxcatcher, have also been invited to join.

While it is unknown whether they or their compatriots have accepted their invitations, their membership in the Academy would no doubt serve as a boon to the makeup community for years to come. They will be responsible for guiding the nomination process and honoring future accomplishments in the field of makeup, as well as helping the rest of the Academy to appreciate the work of makeup artists everywhere.