Jenny Patinkin Helps Clients Clean Out Their Cosmetics



Many people go into careers in the world of beauty so that they can work as makeup artists and cosmetologists. Others go into it specifically because they want to educate others more about beauty alongside working as professional. By teaching others what it takes to maintain a beautiful and healthy look, a professional beautician can benefit their clients and help them escalate their look to new heights.

Jenny Patinkin, founder of Lazy Perfection Beauty School in Chicago, recently spoke about her recommendations to her clients for recycling and throwing out the makeup they already have. By purging the sometimes-endless collection of similar lipsticks, nail polishes, and other beauty products, someone can take a big step towards making sure they have the products they need. Patinkin has a few recommendations that she believes anyone in beauty school would do well to learn and share with their clients.

First, Patinkin recommends getting everything out of the bathroom. Most people store their makeup in the bathroom since applying makeup is part of their morning routine. Patinkin believes that by removing everything from the bathroom, women can look more objectively at their makeup collection. Putting it into a new environment and setting aside the products that actually see use can make a huge difference.

Next, Patinkin recommends examining lifestyle. Not everyone is a movie star, and most people do not need to have access to all of the different products necessary for a made for TV look. More than that, Patinkin asks clients to examine if they have time to put on a full face of makeup in the morning or if their job necessitates a bold or a modest look. It is easier for a makeup artist to recommend an appropriate routine to a client if the client is honest about how much they can truly commit to their look.

Finally, Patinkin advises her clients to simply let go. It is ok to throw away or donate unused or unwanted cosmetics. It is ok to step down to a simpler routine if a lifestyle cannot support movie star glamour. Being beautiful with what you have where you are is more important than emulating celebrities.