The Path to Becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist



As a make-up artist, your passion and goal is to make others look great. But you have to make a living at it too. Who knows – your goals may very well include making it to the top and becoming the next big-name celebrity make-up artist. Following your dreams means following a path that will get you there. Whether you’re preparing to do makeup for bridal parties in your community, or you have eyes on super-stardom, you’ll need to follow some basic steps to get there…

Education and Training – The first thing that any celebrity makeup artist needs is the right training and education. You can choose a full cosmetology program and learn about skincare and hair, or just take some classes to learn specifically about makeup artistry. In school you will learn the ins and outs of the industry including the best beauty products and how to diminish or enhance specific facial traits through contouring and highlighting.

Networking – Unless you already have a foot in the celebrity world after you become certified, it is unlikely that your first job will be as a celebrity stylist. This is where networking comes in. Each job you take until that point needs to be treated as an important step in your career. Use the time to network and market your skills to those who can get the word out. Remember, the more your name is known, the better your chances will be of landing that dream job. You never know where that one connection will lead you.

Create a Portfolio – Keeping a portfolio of your successes will allow you to showcase your skills the way you want them showcased – with professional photos that use proper lighting techniques. Take snapshots of your work so that you have a working diary of your career. Client reviews can also help give you that added edge you need.